Terms and Conditions

Terms and Terminology.

In these terms and conditions, references such as "our" , "we", "us", "I" and "Shepley Computers" refers to Shepley Computers Ltd and it's owner Richard Harris.

The "client" or "customer" refers to any person, persons or business that use any of the "Shepley Computers Ltd" services, website or interact with "Shepley Computers Ltd".


All services/support given by and/or interactions with "Shepley Computers Ltd" are subject to the Shepley Computers Ltd Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. By browsing this website and/or using our services and/or interacting with "Shepley Computers Ltd", the client acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree with the Shepley Computers Ltd Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy stated.

Booking a Repair or Service.

The client can book a repair or service by either calling "Shepley Computers Ltd" on 07 584 12 12 33 or by using the contact form on the "Shepley Computers Ltd" website. Repairs and service requests will be confirmed by either telephone or by email by Richard Harris.

Please be aware that we do not have a walk in shop. Repairs are mostly completed on a call-out to your home or business, or in our workshop. A collect, repair, and return service is available subject to client request and "Shepley Computers Ltd" agreement.

Home or business call-outs are subject to availability and are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If a home or business call-out is booked and access is not gained at the agreed allotted time, the client may be subject to a charge equivalent to 1 hour at our current "additional hour labour rate". Enforcement of this charge is at "Shepley Computers Ltds" discretion.

In the event we cannot make the appointment at the agreed time, you will be contacted in advance advising you of the situation and to re-schedule an appointment as soon as reasonably possible at a mutually convenient time. If you wish, you have the right to cancel your repair or service request. "Shepley Computers Ltd" accept no liability for not being able to make an appointment time. We will however try to contact the client as soon as possible, if an appointment needs to be re-scheduled.

The client may cancel an agreed home or business call-out at any time up to 2 hours prior to the agreed appointment time.

If the client cancels or changes an appointment within 2 hours prior to the agreed time, the Client may be subject to a charge equivalent to 1 hour at our current "additional hour labour rate". Enforcement of this charge is at "Shepley Computers Ltds" discretion.

Remote Support Via Phone or Email.

Unfortunately due to limited resources, "Shepley Computers Ltd" do not offer support via phone or email. All advise, support, consultation, or questions must be done via call-out or via Remote Control of your device (if available) so that "Shepley Computers Ltd" can see the problem first hand, and to ensure a better diagnosis. All support is chargable based on current "First Hour" and "Additional Hour" rates. Please feel free to contact "Shepley Computers Ltd" for current labour charges.


"Shepley Computers Ltd" will accept payment by debit or credit card in person, via shepleycomputers.com or by invoice click-through, cash or bank transfer in pounds sterling (GBP) only.

If an invoice is requested by the client, it will be created on the date of the call-out (or the first call-out if the service requires multiple visits). It is the clients responsibility to ensure that "Shepley Computers Ltd" have a working email address for the client, as invoices are issued by email. If the client does not have a working email address, then the client must inform "Shepley Computers Ltd" that they would like a printed paper copy. "Shepley Computers Ltd" will allow 7 days from the date the invoice was created, for it to be paid in full. Invoices must be paid in full before or on the due date stated on the invoice. If full payment has not been recieved by the invoice due date then, "Shepley Computers Ltd" have the right to remove any discounts that have been applied to the invoice, and add an additional £10 for each week of non-payment. This penalty will be applied the day following the invoice due date, and a revised invoice will be issued to the client so that the new payment may be made immediately. A new revised invoice (including further penalty charges) will then be issued to the client every 7 days until payment has been made in full.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" reserve the right to request immediate payment for any job, and to limit payment to a certain method.

In rare circumstances when goods are supplied, you will only own these goods when payment is received in full.

Computer/Laptop parts, any other hardware, or software that is needed to complete a repair or service will be purchased by the client from Shepley Computers Ltd or the clients own supplier. This should ensure that any warranty will be under the clients name with the supplier of the purchased item. "Shepley Computers Ltd" will be happy to advise on what needs to be purchased as best as we can.

Risks of a Repair or Service.

Computers, Laptops and other technology devices can be very complicated. As with anything complicated, things can sometimes go wrong. No matter how much care "Shepley Computers Ltd" take when they are fixing or servicing your device, there is always a chance that something unexpected can happen resulting in the loss of data/files/software or damage to hardware. This is especially true if your device is in a precarious state to begin with before the repair or service.

Although "Shepley Computers Ltd" will take all reasonable effort to avoid any data, file loss or hardware damage, "Shepley Computers Ltd", do not take any responsibility for any loss or consequential loss which may arise out of damage, destruction, or loss of any data/files or hardware while undertaking a repair or service.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" rely on information the client may have provided them. We will accept no liability for any loss or damage (including hardware or software) which arises out of incorrect or incomplete information provided by the client.

We highly recommend that you perform a backup of all your important data, files and software before any repair or service is attempted.

Backups will remain the sole responsibility of the client, however we will try out very best to limit the risk of any data loss while performing a service or repair.

Estimates for Repairs and Service.

An estimate may be provided by "Shepley Computers Ltd" upon request. All quotes and estimates are at the current labour rate charge, and in pounds sterling (GBP).

The acceptance of an estimate or quotation for a repair or service and instruction to proceed by the Client either verbally by telephone, in person, or in writing (including email) shall also be deemed acceptance, agreement and understanding of the "Shepley Computers Ltd" Terms and Conditions.

Availability of Goods, Repairs and Services.

Goods and services are subject to availability. If for whatever reason we are unable to supply any goods or services we will not be held liable for any compensation or damages.

Please be aware that "Shepley Computers Ltd" do not normally stock replacement parts for any laptop, computer, other device or equipment in house.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" reserves the right to decline any repair or service.

Beyond Economical Repair.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" will always try to inform the client if we feel the job is beyond economical repair. This will be our opinion only and should not discourage the customer from finding a second opinion.

File and Data Recovery.

If a defective part (such as a Hard Disk Drive, CD, Floppy Disk or Flash Drive) contains data, then there is a high probability that this data has been lost and cannot be recovered. Where it may be possible to recover your data/files, and you would like "Shepley Computers Ltd" to try and recover it, we may need to take your computer away. "Shepley Computers Ltd" make no guarantee that they will be able to recover your lost data, files or Software.

Microsoft Windows Re-Install.

A full Microsoft Windows Re-Install normally requires all the data/files and software on your computer or laptop to be deleted. In most cases, "Shepley Computers Ltd" will be able to attempt a backup of your files (pictures, documents, music and videos) and then restore these after Microsoft Windows has been re-installed. In order to backup your files, "Shepley Computers Ltd" will strongly advise using a backup device provided by the customer (such as external hard disk drive, Flash drive e.t.c). "Shepley Computers Ltd" will also need to be informed by the client of the location of files that need to be backed up. Please be aware that software that has been installed on to Microsoft Windows can not normally be backed up, and will require a reinstall using original software installation media (such as install CD's).

If a Microsoft Windows Re-install is required, then "Shepley Computers Ltd" may need you to supply them with the installation disks for your operating system (Microsoft Windows) along with its product key. In addition, if there is any other software or devices that you would like us to install, you will need to provide us with the appropriate installation and product registration keys. "Shepley Computers Ltd" can only use original purchased software and / or registration keys provided by the client.

As with all our services, "Shepley Computers Ltd" highly advises that you perform your own backups before we attempt to re-install Microsoft Windows, as we can not be held liable for any data, file, or software loss.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" will make every reasonable effort to preserve the Client's data and files, however it should be noted that there are NO GUARANTEES whatsoever that the Clients data and files will remain intact after the repairs.

It is therefore the client's sole responsibility to ensure that all the data and information stored on the computer equipment requiring repair or service is appropriately backed up to other storage devices prior to handing over for repair or service.

Charges will be incurred if "Shepley Computers Ltd" has to perform a lengthy backup procedure to protect the Clients own data in order to complete the repairs or service.

Limited Liability.

Whilst "Shepley Computers Ltd" shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the integrity of a device to repair or service, or left for repair or service, the Client agrees not to hold "Shepley Computers Ltd" liable for any accidental damage to the said device, including but not limited to scratches, casing cracks, deformations, theft of the equipment etc.

Additionally "Shepley Computers Ltd" cannot be held liable for any loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any incidental, contingent, or consequential damages caused either prior, during or upon completion of a service or repair.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" liability of any kind with respect to repairs or services undertaken, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the price for the services or repairs provided (i.e A Full Refund of "Shepley Computers Ltd" labour charges).

Furthermore, should "Shepley Computers Ltd" offer any advice or recommendations to a Client as to the use of computer equipment, tech gadgets, storage or use of software applications, it shall be entirely at the Clients own risk, and accordingly "Shepley Computers Ltd" shall not be held liable for any such losses associated with such advice or recommendations.

Additionally, "Shepley Computers Ltd" cannot be held responsible or liable for the following during or after the repairs or service (including advice or help given by any method/medium) :

Loss or corruption of data, files, information or records

Any losses attributed to the interruption to business activity while equipment is out of service for repairs or service

Failure by the Client to follow our reasonable recommendations, instructions and advice (e.g such as back up of data)

Any loss of business goodwill

Any loss you may suffer arising from failure to use anti-virus software

Any loss considered to be unforeseeable

Damage resulting from viruses or other malicious software that may have been transmitted during servicing or repairs and therefore escaped detection

"Shepley Computers Ltd" will not be liable for any damage caused to other equipment by parts fitted following or during any repair or service.


"Shepley Computers Ltd" provides a 30 day warranty on labour only repairs carried out on devices requested by the Client. This 30 day warranty excludes the client's device being re-infected with a virus after the call out, other software related problem that was not disclosed to "Shepley Computers Ltd" during the call-out, or client misuse. "Shepley Computers Ltd" makes no warranty for data, software or computer files either expressed or implied. The 30 day warranty also excludes repairs to hardware/software that has been fixed/patched to work for a limited time e.g. An item that is starting to fail, or could fail, and has been temporarily fixed.

If the same problem re-occurs within 30 days of the original call-out repair, and is not part of the above exlusions, "Shepley Computers Ltd" will undertake the labour to repair again without charge, up until the amount of time spent on fixing the problem originally. However, charges will be incurred should additional parts be required or more time is needed after the original repair time e.g. If the original call-out repair was 2 hours, as long as the warranty repair is not part of the above exclusions, is completed within 2 hours, and no further parts are needed, the warranty repair will be Free of Charge. If the repair takes longer than 2 hours, then the additional hours labour will be charged at the current "additional hourly charge" rate. The client has the right to deem the repair "beyond economical repair" before additional hours labour is carried out and charged. "Shepley Computers Ltd" will always endeavor to inform the client if they feel that the repair is "beyond economical repair".

As the client will purchase any required parts to perform a service or repair, warranty for said part/equipment (if any) will remain between the client and the "part seller" in which the client purchased from. In the unlikely event that a part has been ordered in error, or due to miss-diagnosis, the client is responsible for the return of the incorrect item, and any charges involved. It is the clients responsibility to check that the "part seller" is trustworthy and any restrictions imposed by the "part seller" in regards to returns policy or other policies.

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Correctness of Information and Disclaimer.

Although every effort is made to make sure the information contained on our website and in our documentation is accurate, current and reliable, it should be recognised that there is a possibility of errors. "Shepley Computers Ltd" denies any liability of the accuracy and reliability of any information provided on this website, any other associated website, or documentation. "Shepley Computers Ltd" shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy and reliability of the information contained within.

We reserve the right to amend the content of our website and or our documentation at any time without prior notice.

We cannot accept any responsibility for other websites we do not control, which may be linked to or from our website.

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"Shepley Computers Ltd" has the right, at their discretion, to refuse the supply of goods and services.

"Shepley Computers Ltd" reserves the right to change their Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.